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October 19, 2008

A Tale of Two Rust Removers

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Ladies and gentlemen. In this corner I present the reigning staple of my garage, Evapo-Rust. And introducing the challenger in the opposite corner, D-Rust-It!

You may have noticed recent comments from Lee Johnson at . In the interest of full disclosure he did indeed send me a free sample of D-Rust-It, shown in the photo above. I’m happy to get any contributions I can for this project and I told Lee I would give his product a fair comparison right here.

The first thing I noticed is D-Rust-It comes as a concentrate. That is intended to save money in shipping costs. That container dilutes 3:1 with water to prepare one gallon of working solution.

The second thing I noticed is the solution is perfectly clear, where Evapo-Rust has a yellow tint reminiscent of a certain body fluid. Both chemicals work on a chelation principle that goes after iron oxide but is friendly to most (all?) other surfaces and is supposed to be non-toxic and sewer-safe. If you want me to drink some to prove that point you’ll have to pay me MUCH more!

Hmm, where do you suppose I can find some equivalently-rust parts to compare? My XKE provides and endless stream of such. Here are two sets of rusty parts from the seats I recently removed.

I didn’t need a gallon of D-Rust-It to compare so I used a graduated cylinder to accurately prepare a 3:1 dilution. The Evapo-Rust is shipped in ready-to-use concentration. Here are the solutions, ready to rumble. I kept everything consistent so the D-Rust-It samples remain on the left side of each photo. The baths sat next to each other to ensure temperatures were identical. In my garage it was high-70’s degrees during the day and dropped into the 60’s overnight.

*referee looks at the D-Rust-It* You ready?
*referee looks at the Evapo-Rust* You ready?
Let’s get it on!

Hmm, slowly some bubbles form but I’ve had more fun watching paint dry. So let’s come back in six hours.

Looks like they’re both just getting warmed up. Let’s give it over night, a full 24 hours.

Now we’re cooking with gas! Time to remove them and wipe both sets. Both solutions form a dark residue where the rust is converted and it seems both chemicals show how used-up they are by how cloudy the solution gets. Here’s the end result after 24 hours and a wiping with a cloth —

Both sets are pretty good, maybe a little rust yet to go on each. You might say the Evapo-Rust parts look ever-so-slightly cleaner but my personal opinion after fondling both sets is the fight is a draw. The degree of rust can vary and rust is a notoriously difficult thing to measure.

To tell you how I feel, next time I need to buy rust remover I’ll check out the total price of each, with shipping and any tax, and base my choice entirely on that.

If anyone thinks of some other way to compare these or how I was unfair I’m perfectly willing to put them back in the ring for a rematch. I would see what capacity each solution has but I find in my use that I spill and evaporate more than use it up chemically. The turbidity of both solutions is now similar so I’m extrapolating similar-enough bath life.


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